Hello & Welcome to Stewarding Finances!

My name is Samuel Kwak and I am the author of this blog, which is dedicated to being a blog that educates and adds value to all who stop by. It all started with my passion to add value to people. First off, as a Christian I believe I should be living as though onto God, meaning, I should pursue all my endeavors with Him in mind and to the best of ability. With this zeal to help others engage their minds and utilize their resources, I decided that blogging would be a great outlet. Before I go more into how I got involved with the topic of finances, let introduce how I got to this point.

Little Sam…

As a child, I felt invincible! I could accomplish anything and everything I set my mind to but… as I got older it seemed my dreams started to die. Thankfully, the story continues. I’ve always enjoyed helping others, whether it would be getting the information they need or engaging with the less fortunate. When I was in elementary school, I thought I would become a fire-fighter or a police officer so that I could save people and do good in the world. In middle school, I dreamed of being a part of a band and had little hope in my ability to study. Then in high school, unmotivated and discouraged, I gave up on thinking of going to college, graduating with a less than 2.5 GPA. Having finished this way, I couldn’t imagine attending college. I was defeated and the sense of failure started to settle.

This sense of doubt and discouragement started when I was young.

I grew up in a small apartment with hard-working parents that struggled to provide for my sister and myself. Because there wasn’t much money to start with, I used to be ashamed of where I lived and had lots of anxiety due to it. I was too embarrassed to even tell people where I lived at times. I wrapped my identity in material possession or the lack of. Today, I can thankfully and freely express my joy that is in Christ and Him alone! I also have a heart to serve those young people who come from little to equip them so they could learn to fish so to speak. My hope to do that has only grown.


I serve as a Worship Director – a dream for little me – for my home church, have a Bachelor’s degree with no debt – thanks to sound advice from my father – and have been given the privilege to work with various students of all ages to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially. I’m not saying I’m the best in these areas as I still have much to learn and grow, but I have learned a great deal! It’s a work in progress, but I was able to accomplish what I could never fathom. This gave me great encouragement and motivation to continue growing and learning so that there could be more I could share.

Which brings me to my current season and the essence of this blog…

Due to peaked interest in finances, I dove into developing my financial literacy through my pastor’s best friend, Tim Kim (who has an incredibly practical blog about investing, health, and life). In learning the basics through Tim, I was able to implement what I learned to help one of my coworkers open a retirement account and another coworker to utilize resources to navigate her finances, including investing into homes. From that point, I saw a glimpse of potential and decided to find ways to share with others the wealth of knowledge I was gaining.

The ultimate fulfillment for me comes when I can teach someone else what I’ve learned and they succeed. Hope you are able to find valuable and practical insight through this blog; thank you for reading!


Samuel Kwak